Wally Little

Wally is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corp. He and his family moved to North Carolina from New York in search of a small town with strong values to put roots down. Since then, he and his family have become active members of their church and community, volunteering whenever and however possible. Wally has over 16 years of private utility locating work experience and more than ten years of experience in the Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) industry including hands-on experience providing levels A, B, C, and D utility locating services.

His experience includes record research for all types of utilities, the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR), and the use of a vacuum excavation truck to safely expose and locate underground utility assets. He also has experience supervising staff and working to ensure compliance with dig safe (811).

In addition, he has performed or supervised the creation of utility mapping for site records including GPS mapping for multiple utilities; created and implemented safe practices for utilities excavations; worked together with utility vendors on problem solving for un-located utilities; and has been involved with historical societies in preserving and locating historical sites.